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Setting up a heart and lung transplant center in Sri Lanka:

Last week there were reports of a plan to setup a 'world-standard' heart and lung transplant center in Sri Lanka ('World standard heart and lung transplants here' – Sunday Times, Nov. 29, 2015). This is great news. In fact, if we are able to establ

Challenging the skewed social contract

What is the most important outcome of the August elections? Obviously, the peaceful and free and fair manner in which it was conducted has to be one. Emphatically rejecting an authoritarian and nepotistic style of governance can also be considered an

Politics of ethnic-outbidding

As the ongoing political campaigns demonstrate, Sri Lankans seem to interpret the responsibilities of their politicians narrowly along ethnic/religious lines. With Sinhala politicians (from various parties) promising to push the interests of Sinhales

The burden of a skewed social contract

What a difference six months can make! After making a grand entry with so much fanfare and hype, Sri Lanka’s good governance project is now preparing a hasty retreat with barely a whimper. But even as we reflect on the legacy of this brief effort t