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About Us

  • Who are we?

    Lankaforum is an initiative launched by a group of Sri Lankans who genuinely wish to see the dawn of good governance in the country. The recent election—which saw the emphatic rejection of an authoritarian, corrupt and dynastic regime—convinces us that we are not alone in this wish. However, at the same time, we realize that good gover

  • What is our problem?

    Despite being a Republic—where power is supposed to reside with the people—Sri Lanka’s system of governance is heavily skewed in favor of the ruling elites. This situation has contributed directly to many of the governance issues the country is facing. Political elites have systematically exploited the citizens' ignorance of constitutiona

  • Who we are not...

    As we introduce Lankaforum and highlight what it stands for, we also need to be explicit about what it is not. Despite the nature of its content, Lankaforum is decidedly not a political platform to support either one political party/leader or another. Given the highly political environment, we want to be explicit about this upfront